Who has hypnotherapy

A wide range of people come for hypnotherapy
A wide range of people come for hypnotherapy

There have been many times when I have been asked what kind of people come for hypnotherapy, the short answer is anyone who needs it and is open to it. The long answer is that it treats so many different problems because they are all made worse by anxiety, that you can’t really categorise people.

Those with health problems

I have helped reduce the anxiety and pain in middle aged and elderly women suffering with strokes, fibromyalgia and recovering from cancer. Currently I am helping someone with limited mobility to use visualisation to help start movement again after suffering a stroke that has put her in a wheelchair, and I am also helping a lady with dementia to relax more.

Professional people

But it’s not just the realm of the elderly or just women who benefit. I have builders and jockey’s with alcohol problems, health visitors, nurses and carers with driving fear which hinders their jobs.

I help a professor deal more effectively with stress as she has a very ill husband, and a young chap with brain damage who I have been helping for the past 2 years as it helps his PTSD. Another chap from the military also has PTSD and another is improving his rowing – he’s part of a prize winning rowing team who have just captured a major victory in Europe.

I’m helping someone in the prison service to lose weight, and a police woman with a fear of sickness, a school girl with agoraphobia and a graphic designer prepare for her wedding. Two retired ladies who are bored and feel depressed now have a plan of action and are starting to find groups to join and feel happy again and a teacher who wants to find a new career.

So you can see, no two people are the same, no two problems are the same, many of my clients are professionals with a good level of education. A proportion has tried CBT or anti depressants but to no avail. This time of year I tend to get more adults but March to June exam stress for 15 – 21 year olds is often the most common problem.

August is often quiet as everyone is off on holiday, I am quite busy but it’s the best time of the year to start sorting out problems before the run up to Christmas – yes I’ve done it I have mentioned the C word.