There are so many self-help books out there, but which are worth reading and how do I know what to leave well alone. You don’t. Everyone has their own preference for what type of books they read. Scientific research will draw those with enquiring minds to these books. Spirituality will encourage readers to certain writers.

Books by Penelope Ling

Books by Penelope Ling
How SF Hypnotherapy can help with life – FREE E-book

This E-book explains why hypnotherapy can help so many different medical conditions. Anxiety makes a lot of medical conditions worse. You will find you can manage them better if you deal with the stress first. This book is based upon a great deal of research carried out around the world on medical issues. I wrote this book back in 2015 and has many thousand views on it’s ISSUU site.

Other Authors

Andy Workman, a colleague of mine has written a fabulous book called Cavemen and Polar bears. Consequently, he gives a brilliant description of why we do the things we do.

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