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In 1994 I stopped driving completely after having a number of very stressful near misses and problems with the car. My driving confidence had dropped to 0 and I tried a number of times to get back in the driving seat but all attempts failed.

That was until I trained as a Solution-focused hypnotherapist back in 2007. When I understood how the brain worked, and what I was experiencing, and what I was doing was making it worse, I quickly stopped that behaviour and focused on my goal – Independence. My driving confidence plan can do the same for you.

Over the years I have worked with many people from all walks of life with all with different issues. However they all have the same problem – they lack confidence driving. With some people that lack of confidence comes from having accidents, with others, a particular place triggered the panic. So over the past 10 years, I have been creating my own programme to help others either understand what they need to do to change their situation or to get them back driving again.

I developed the Driving Confidence Programme because it allows my clients to decide on the best course of action for them. If they want to carry on to stage 2 they can either go off and try it on their own or work with me to achieve their goal.

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Stage 1 – Steps to building driving confidence

Step 1 – Understanding the history of the problem

You may think that all driving confidence issues stem from the same source, but they don’t. Every person is unique in their experiences, their history and the way they think. By going through someone’s history of anxiety, you can build a picture of the major influences. I use case studies to help my clients understand where their issues may lie.

Step 2 – The brain and how it works

The brain is a complex piece of kit and we think what it’s telling us is the truth, but it’s not. When we feel threatened, our subconscious mind will do its damnedest to get us out of the situation. Looking at sleep patterns and brain chemistry, you can understand what you need to do to start changing your behaviour.

Step 3 – Destressing your life

You may not recognise that all the other stress in your life has an effect on your driving. By teaching you a variety of tools and techniques you can lower your general anxiety, as well as your driving anxiety. You will be taught relaxation and visualisation techniques as well as receive MP3’s to listen to, which will help.

Step 4 – Scrambling any unhelpful memories

Sometimes we have obsessive negative thoughts or memories around incidents which can often play back to us over and over again. We can change or irradicate them with a number of different processes. This may include NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) and Brain working Recursive Therapy (BWRT).

Step 5 – Building confidence

Confidence building may take one session or a number to get you to the point where you move to step 6. The number depends on how much general stress you have under control.

Step 6 – Exposing yourself to the stressors

I help people define their goals for driving, not everyone is the same and some want to drive abroad. Whereas others want to just be able to drive to school to pick their kids up. Once you have established where you want to be, we devise a plan of action and gradually work your way towards your goal.

At this point in the programme, it may be necessary to move to Stage 2 of the programme.

Stage 2

Get your driving confidence back to do your driving testStage 2 of the programme is all about putting Stage 1 to the test, where I work with people locally this could mean I may even travel with them and use visualisation techniques in their car. It could mean they go for some drives with a qualified driving instructor.

By giving yourself small steps, you gradually build up confidence levels until you reach your goal. Some weeks could be just reducing stress, other weeks may be visualisation, other weeks driving a bit more each day.

If they are taking a driving test, then this would be booked at this stage.

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