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    People often ask me why solution focused hypnotherapy can help with so many conditions and the simple answer is that many conditions are made worse with stress.

    This E-book reviews each condition and gives a case study of how hypnotherapy has helped each individual and research around the world that helps back my own findings up.

    I produced this originally to give to the GP’s in the practice I work at, it has been checked too by Dr Clare Stephenson, and I hope you enjoy it and share it.

    Please be aware, I do not give any other organisation your email details, but by downloading this document you are giving permission for your email to be stored. And I may contact you at some time in the future. If you do not agree with this, Please do not download the e-book.

    If a general book about how hypnotherapy can help with life doesn’t float your boat, then my latest book “Driving me crazy – overcome the fear of driving” might just be the ticket.