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I am Penelope Ling and I work with people from all around the world just like you.

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I see individuals and assess their needs at the consultation. Understanding the history or the problem, and the values and beliefs of the client, I can help them achieve their goals by utilising a variety of tools and therapies.

The therapies used SFBT and CBT are modern, measurable and based upon scientific research and an understanding of how the brain works. The tools used are visualisation, hypnotherapy, NLP and mindfulness.

These tools and resources you can use for the rest of your life.

If you don’t believe me, then read what previous clients have said on the list of testimonials.

Incredibly helpful therapy, so much more effective than standard counselling  
Emma on July 18, 2021 at 15:17:59

Penny was recommended to me as I was at the end of my tether with regular and worsening bouts of depression. I thought I needed CBT because I wanted something functional to help me change my ways of thinking, so I was a little sceptical of the hypnotherapy side of Penny’s work at first. Ultimately, I just can’t tell you how very much Penny has helped me access the roots of those cycles of negative thinking, my self-loathing, the negative self-talk, the anxiety, the paranoia, the habitual catastrophising and a constant sense of helplessness and uselessness, and change them on a powerfully deep and subconscious level. It’s the most bizarre thing, but what a blessing to have found it.

I haven’t had great experiences of standard counselling before and I appreciated that this was different: not surface-level, digging around in the past, trying to rationalise with my normal mind, things I have never found peace with. In the past I’ve found counselling generally fairly traumatic and it just fed the feelings of despair that I would never be able to fix myself in order just to be happy in my own head and enjoy my days. I feared the future and I feared for myself. I feel very differently now, having had 6 weeks with Penny. With her combination of hypnotherapy and other modalities such as CBT, and with her explanation of everything in a very rational, logical way, I could understand and learn to trust the process to ‘change the polarity’ of my thinking.

Great results

The results are that I am still the same person with the same day-to-day problems to resolve, but she has fortified me in a way that is very difficult to put into words. It is as though she has given me access to my self-worth and my right to be happy, and has given me tools to cope with situations that might otherwise send me sideways, which has given me an optimism for the future and my own well-being that has been sadly lacking for most of my life. For the first time in many years, I feel content, stable, steady and calmly confident that I can cope. It was up to me to engage as fully as possible with Penny’s work, and now it’s up to me to continue with the tools she’s given me, but she has given me a precious gift that I will do whatever it takes to protect and maintain.

I feel so fortunate to have come across Penny, as I feel like, just in the nick of time, she has helped me to reclaim who I actually am and all my potential. She’s given me hope, and tools to not be a victim to the past and all the learned behaviour that was eating me alive. I couldn’t recommend Penny highly enough – she is a genuinely kind and decent human with an incredible depth of perception who can tailor her work to whatever issues you have been struggling to resolve. Even after this lengthy review, I still don’t feel like I’ve adequately described the benefits I’ve had from this work. I shall be always grateful to you Penny. Thank you so much for your dedication to the good work. You are a magical woman.

I can help you understand why you are experiencing problems. Working together, we can make those changes.

Penelope Ling Hypnotherapy So who am I? I am Penny – someone who broke free from the chains of a driving phobia and overcame severe dyslexia to write a book using hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis. Whatever the obstacle, I have found ways around them. I am a supervisor and mentor to other hypnotherapists. I run courses, I am an author and speaker on a variety of topics. I write articles and occasionally appear on the radio. See About Penny for more details.

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