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No matter what challenges you’re dealing with. I’ve got your back in beating anxiety, finding solutions, and living a more fulfilled life. I use a variety of psychotherapies and hypnotherapy which is customised to each individual.

I can assist you with many problems you’re struggling with right now – I’ve got the tools, knowledge, and materials. 

Are you having any issues with these?

If any of these questions got a YES from you, drop us an email at solutionshypno@yahoo.co.uk . Please include details of the problem, where you are geographically and which days and times suit best. See fees for times and days.

Call, text or WhatsApp 07508 658934 today

I see individuals and assess their needs at the consultation. By understanding the client’s history and values, we can help them achieve their goals with various tools and therapies.

The psychotherapies used are Solution-focused psychotherapy, Human Givens and CBT. These ideas are up-to-date, measurable, and backed by scientific research and knowledge of brain function. The tools we use include visualisation, hypnotherapy, NLP, nutritional therapy and mindfulness.

These tools and resources you can use for the rest of your life.

But please also recognise that there are exceptions – problems and health issues that I don’t work with. So please read that page before contacting me for a consultation.

Why work with me?

Holistic wellbeing

Oxfordshire Hypnotherapist of the year 2021-22 using psychotherapies such as solution-focused, Human Givens, cognitive behavioural therapy & NLP
Hi, I’m Penny and I have been helping people from all walks of life since 2007. I am fully qualified, supervised, insured and DBS checked.

First, I am friendly and non-judgemental, caring and empathising person. I love laughter and humour and hope to bring positivity to the clinic room, looking forwards not delving back.

We have innate resources to get through life cheerfully, but maybe have forgotten, or find themselves in a situation which undermines your values.

The tools and techniques I use are not magical. Some traditions have been passed down through generations, whilst others have emerged from recent scientific advancements.

I look at the person as a whole, not as misfunctioning parts. You improve one aspect of your life and it quickly has effects on others. Improve sleep, diet and well-being. Get your needs met and you’ll be in a much better place to handle adversity.

Range of options

I offer a range of therapy sessions depending on what the problems are. We can have a short 20 minute phone call to determine what you need, or a free hour-long online consultation to see what factors are influencing your life. You can book an hour’s consultation at the clinic in Kingston Bagpuize, or jump straight in with the two-hour well-being programme. You may want monthly sessions which help stress management long term. See fees and sessions for more information and times available.

A member of The AfSFH, CNHC, & College of Medicine

Please feel free to read what previous clients have said on the list of testimonials.