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Hypnotherapy in the Kingsmoor clinic Oxfordshire is private and confidential
The easiest way to contact Penny is by email. Contact on a Monday or Tuesday is preferred because I am usually dealing with supervision of other hypnotherapists on those days. See Fees and Session page for when and where I am in clinic.

Please contact Penny at: [email protected] or text to 07508658934

Please include:

Your name:


Your phone number:

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The nature of the problem:

Online or in-clinic

Best day/time for therapy

*If I am with a client, then please leave me a message on my mobile and I’ll get back to you when we can or alternatively leave a text.


Before you contact me, I recommend reading the pages of my website to get a good idea of what I do. Hypnotherapy is not a magic wand, and there are many exceptions with which I do not work.

The process of therapy is an alliance between client and therapist. I teach my clients tools to use because I have found that these tools help people manage their emotions better through trial and testing.

Any suggestions for change in diet or change in routine is to help you reach optimal health. Use of the MP3 is vital to the speed at which you improve. It is therefore much more likely to take longer if you do not use this valuable tool.

Please also make sure you have the time to commit. I ask everyone to bring their diary to the session, so we can get uninterupted sessions booked in place. This is vital for the clinic as rooms get booked up very quickly.

When I give you a choice of times and dates, these are only in place for 24 hours. After which they will be given to the next enquiry.