Anger management

Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy for Anger Management in Oxford, Abingdon and Bampton

Anger management can be easily dealt with using CBT, SFT, hypnotherapy and mindfulness
Do you find you’re losing your temper more and more?

Anger and frustration are completely normal and usually a healthy human emotion.When it gets out of control and you feel you can’t handle it. You fall into a pattern of reacting which become a problem. The anger management programme brings about positive change by helping you change and control your own reactions. It can affect your relationships with family, friends, colleagues and can be bad for your health, raising blood pressure.

Using Solution-focused therapy for Anger Management

We use Solution-focused therapy to help develop goals and look towards a future which is anger free. Often questioning can reveal how a day when you’re not angry can make all the difference to your life and those around you.

Using Hypnotherapy for Anger Management

We use the powerful natural tools of hypnosis, visualisation and direct suggestion to help you change the way you let daily events affect you. The hypnosis enables you to manage with assertiveness, not aggression, the triggers that cause your reactions of anger. You can visualise how you would prefer to respond to any given situation and allow that to become your reality.

Other tools that can help anger management

We give you tools of NLP, mindfulness and CBT to build confidence and step back from situations before you react. The goal of anger management is to control both the emotional feelings and physiological arousal that anger creates. Recognising anger and learning to express it in the correct way can help individuals handle emergencies and solve problems easier. CBT can help identify where you are, what you’re doing and why your anger gets out of hand.


What is anger?

When an individual becomes angry, their heart rate and blood pressure increases as chemicals such as Adrenalin are pumped through their body. The body becomes tense, fists clench, jaws clench, some may slam the door, break plates, punch a cushion.

However, some individuals may not release this tension and suppress their anger. This usually leads to a build up of emotions causing them to ‘explode’ when it all becomes too much.

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