Keep on track

keep on track“Keep-on-track” is a monthly subscription service to see me in the clinic or online. You can set up a standing order or pay after the session. Having a mental massage once a month for stress management instead of working on specific problems.

  • It keeps you feeling relaxed.
  • Supports long term illness.
  • Helps keep the weight loss programme on track.
  • Makes recovery from surgery much smoother.
  • Family difficulties become easier to deal with.
  • Drug issues are managed well using this scheme.

Advantages of keep-on-track

Often when having therapy once it’s over and done with we can slip back into old habits. Keep-on-track allows taking on some form of responsibility to friends and family. If you have a surprise or life blindsides you with death or redundancy, those enrolled in the programme find it easier to cope with the situation.

Life often gets in the way of our well-being and happiness and the keep-on-track programme means it’s easier to cope when we hit crisis point.

Keep on track Case Study 1

Geoff is an engineer for a car manufacturer and was finding it stressful. After our initial sessions to help him deal with a trauma, we set up the back-on-track service. Coming monthly has helped Geoff enormously. Any problems at work get nipped in the bud early. He was gaining weight and the programme helped him change his habits. When his mother developed dementia, it supported him through difficult times. Geoff is healthier and happier using this service over 4 years and intends to keep it going at least until he or I retire.

Case Study 2

Margeret had been a regular client for 10 years, coming to see me on occasion for fear of flying, IBS and sleep problems. We set up the keep-on-track service just after she finished treatment for cancer. It has helped her stay more relaxed and less anxious about her health and the ageing process. Each month she offloads what’s troubling her and she prefers to talk things through with me as an independent person as certain members of her family can be unhelpful. She’s been on the programme since before the pandemic, where we had to take a few breaks as she couldn’t go online.

Case Study 3

Harry came to see me in 2019 with sleep problems. He was plagued by nightmares and often had flashbacks to things which had happened years ago when he had to close the company he ran. There had been a lot of trouble which had caused him to be declared bankrupt. He then took up being a self-employed handyman. During COVID we went online and the keep on track once a month service fits his schedule perfectly.

keep on track