National Stress Awareness Day

National Stress Awareness Day
Do you need to find a way to manage your stress?

Hypnotherapy is excellent for stress awareness

Wednesday the 1st November 2017 is National Stress Awareness Day

There are many ways to reduce stress, and the best tips I can give are the following.

10 top tips to reducing stress

  1. listen to relaxing music as you go off to sleep. Choose something you enjoy. If you play the sound of rain, or the sea, you can use your imagination to place yourself relaxing on a beach.
  2. Have a hot bath with Epsom Salts. The magnesium in the salts is a muscle relaxant, so help the process of feeling less stressed.
  3. Be aware of what is stressing you out. If it’s a person that you can’t avoid – your boss, a sibling, a neighbour or a friend of a friend, then learning to think about them in a different less stressful way can help lower your stress levels.
  4. Go for a walk at lunchtime. The midday sun is good for resetting your circadian rhythms, so you sleep better and you’re getting good exercise.
  5. Don’t bottle up your feelings. If you don’t have a confident, then find a therapist you feel comfortable talking about your problems to.
  6. Don’t put things off. If we carry too much around in our heads, we end up suffering from ego depletion which means your willpower will often give in and you’re much more likely to lose control of eating and drinking.
  7. When you’re with friends try and focus on talking about good things, if all your friends moan all the time you’re more likely to feel more stressed.
  8. Take out more time for yourself. Treat yourself to time off work and activities that get you out and about.
  9. Are you in the right job? Sometimes we find ourselves in a job which we find really stressful, this could be that it does not fit right with your values. Think about finding a job which fits with your passions or you might enjoy more.
  10. Eat healthily. Eating a poor diet can put a strain on your body and this can impact on your mental health. Try eating more probiotics, vegetables which are fermented and oily fish.