National Eczema Awareness week

Sweaty skin can cause eczemaLook at any data around treating Eczema and you will find suggestions of treatment and control from emollients – to keep the skin supple – to steroid creams, to diet. One factor they often leave out is the mind. When we are stressed our skin sweats more – that is the basis of polygraph tests used to detect liars.

Whether the body is hot because of climate, or because you’ve had a hot bath, or the throws of passion, or because you’re stressed does not matter – all can affect Eczema and cause flare-ups.

The use of psychological interventions can help reduce flare-ups dramatically. Since using self hypnosis for the past 7 years I have controlled Eczema caused by being physically hot, or after strenuous exercise, or hormones can trigger sweats, drinking hot liquids, or dealing with stress, by placing myself in a calm state of mind – usually visualising my favourite beach – I reduce the risk of my body reacting.

Guided visualisation can also help in cooling the skin – imagining walking out on a cold snowy day, the power of our mind to switch into the trance state so our bodies experience the cooling down, shivers and of course fun, a fresh snowstorm can produce. Drinking ice cold soda with condensation running down the sides of the glass can add that extra shiver, and I bet you’re beginning to feel that coolness right now.

September 12th to the 20th is National Eczema Awareness week, so if you or anyone you know suffers from Eczema, then Hypnotherapy can help you manage it better than emollients and steroid cream. Plus did you know steroid cream thins your skin? It can only be used for short periods of time – Time to switch to managing it yourself.

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