Goals for 2019

Goals for 2019
Do you feel stuck in your life? Are there goals you want to achieve but keep fighting the here and now?

Do you feel you’re not just in Groundhog day, but groundhog year?

New Year is a reminder to everyone that the old year is deadand the new one can bring opportunities to us and goals to achieve. However, I often hear people say that whilst they think everyone else is moving forward,they are standing still. No matter how much determination they bring to aproblem they are still in the same place, or have gone backwards in the past 12months, or they have dumped their goals for good.

So are you stuck –

  • in a job you feel has no progression?
  • negotiating a relationship which has lost its spark?
  • with a project you promised would be finished by the end of last year?
  • with no hope of attaining a body weight, you’d hope for?
  • indulging in an unhelpful habit or addiction which you promised you’d have more control over?

I know how you feel. For years I struggled each new year, promising myself I would change but felt helpless as to finding a solution to the many problems, never achieving my goal. That was until I learned all about solution-focused coaching and the use of self-hypnosis to achieve what I wanted.

Many people have heard of The Secret, where you post what you want on a board and send out to the universe what we want to attract, however, not everyone achieves that. That is because they don’t really believeit can happen, only hope it will. They also don’t realise that they need to fully engage with the future picture, so they know how it feels, so they don’t miss it when it does happen.

Sudden realisation

I achieved that in 2018. Suddenly I realised I had reached my goal in August from what I had visualised in May. It suddenly dawned on me it had happened and it felt so right. I then set my views on another goal and had blocks put in all the way. I knew my gut feeling was to set aside that line of enquiry and to seek an alternative, and suddenly things changed and started moving at a pace.

So how does it work? Well, you need a clear focus and be able to break the steps down into smaller doable actions. If you set a goal of climbing Mt Everest, you don’t take a straight route to the top, you have to break it down into smaller pieces, this is where solution-focused thinking comes into its own. Then the hypnosis places you in a mental state that can overcome the objections your subconscious tries to throw at you.

Why not try 6 sessions of Solution Focused hypnotherapy to get you back on track, set your goals, overcome blocks and start living your life in full.

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