Of being a full-time hypnotherapist

In January 2019 I will be celebrating 10 years as being a full-time hypnotherapist and talking therapist. As part of this celebration, I am moving my Oxford Clinic from Beaumont Street to The Osteopath Clinic on Hollybush Row OX1 1JH. This means I can see people much later into the evening – up to 9pm instead of finishing at 6pm.

As part of this celebration, I am giving away a PRIZE DRAW for the Month of January 2019

  • 5 FREE initial consultations #FREEIC
  • 5 taster sessions at only £35 #TASTER
  • 5 relaxation only sessions for £35 #RELAX
  • 5 relaxation kits for free including a relaxation CD, bubble bath, candle #KIT

Text one of the hashtags to 07508 658934 by Midnight December 24th 2018

For example, if you want a taster session text #Taster to 07508 658934

You will be contacted by Dec 31st if you’re a winner.

Hypnotherapy can help so many things – From Anxiety to Weight loss, from Confidence issues to phobias.

Please note this does not include stop smoking sessions.