Time to talk day 2019

talk and talking therapy
Talking to someone about a problem can help clarify
talk and talking therapy
Talking to someone about a problem can help clarify

#TimeToTalk2019 February 7th. One in four of people in this country are affected by mental health issues but are afraid to talk about it.

Talking to someone about mental health helps improve realtionships, breaks down stereotypes and removes the stigma. You don’t even have to visit a therapist, just talking to a mate can help.

Time to talk day was set up by Mind to help people understand better what mental health means.

People often think talking to a professional show weakness, we should be able to go through life by ourselves sorting our problems out. Years ago our families were large and lived close together and so chatting to someone about a problem was second nature. Today however it’s not so easy.

Why Talking helps

Vocalising a problem helps us to clarify a situation and to acknowledge someone else’s point of view. To converse with a professional means an independent, non-judgemental person, who is used to working with people suffering from a mental health issue.

Certain mental health issues are not understood by family members. How many times have you been told to “Man up” or to “Pull yourself together”. When I deal with phobias everyone reports that people tell them to stop being stupid. It’s not a matter about whether you’re clever or not, but what your brain is telling you. Your self talk too is often developed over the years by what you are told by your family or teachers.

Very few people are taught how to deal with friends or family when things go wrong. There can be name calling or worse – abuse from neighbours for example. 

If you’re too embarrased to talk to a friend or family member, then find a professional. Penny works in Oxford UK and is a friendly, open listener and can help you to find a solution to a problem. Find a time available on the booking page.

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