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More tools for coping strategies

The following are the tools I might use in a clinic setting if a person doesn’t have enough resources. Majority of these tools are mindfulness techniques but I have thrown a few others in for good measure, including self-hypnosis scripts.

Breathing exercises

The vagus nerve controls the parasympathetic nervous system. It is responsible for controlling your relaxation response. It uses a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine, which is involved in memory and learning as well as calming.

Stimulate your vagus nerve by deep breathing and it sends acetylcholine throughout your body. This relaxes you and decreases inflammation which is a physical response from the stress.

Read more here: Vagus Nerve Breathing exercise.

MP3 Relaxation to sleep well

If you have a PC or a laptop, please download the MP3 by right-clicking here. Sleep Well

If you would rather the relaxation MP3 without music please download by right clicking here   Relaxation without background music

If you have a Soundcloud ap you can download the MP3 Here: Soundcloud

If you can stream to your mobile then you can access the MP3 via Hypnostream.

Do 5 things

This is a mindful exercise to help focus your attention on the here and now. It helps relax and refocus the mind.

Get script here.


Stands for Feet on Floor, Bottom on Seat. It’s a mindfulness exercise to help refocus the mind. Great if you’re on a plane, in a car or at work.

Walking meditation

Often when we walk we start thinking about stuff which plays on our minds. The walking meditation helps lowers stress levels. Great for pre-exam nerves.

Read script here:

Standing Body Scan

Body scans are useful to become more aware of your body. When you’re more aware of your body, your breathing and heartbeat, you can use your mind to slow things down if necessary.

Mindful Body Scan


Swish is an NLP technique to help replace negative thoughts with more positive future orientated ones. Read script here.

Wonder woman ring of confidence

Wonder woman was invented by Amy Cuddy to improve confidence levels. Read script here.

Also see TED

Picture frame

I invented this technique after a near miss gave me flashbacks. Read script here.