Passion and how not to lose your way


Over and over again, I find books and articles about doing a job or having a career which is your passion. What if you don’t have a passion? Perhaps your ideal job and the amount you will earn are two totally different ends of the spectrum. Many may crave a creative career, where they can draw or design and fulfil that part of their personality but the reality is that you’re doing it for other people, not yourself.

The more you get into one routine and become bogged down by commutes and office politics the harder it is to think rationally and so motivation dips and you get stuck. Effectively you have lost your way.

But perhaps you do have a passion, which you haven’t really thought about? Perhaps you could look at the types of things you enjoy doing or watching on TV but have never thought “I could do that”. It’s never too late. Even people who have hit retirement age sometimes reinvent themselves and fall into new careers because boredom has made them realise they are not ready for sitting back and putting their feet up.

Hypnotherapy can help find your passion

Perhaps you’re only in your late 20’s or early 30’s and you’re panicking as you haven’t made your mark yet? Well, panic no more. The beauty of hypnotherapy is it lowers stress levels. When you’re in a relaxed state you are much more likely to be creative. Much more able to put two and two together and make 4.

Think about what you’d like to achieve. Is it working in an occupation which is more people orientated? Quite often you find counsellors and hypnotherapists have trained because they have had the therapy themselves. But often don’t get to see the bigger picture of “it’s a business” at the end of the day. Making people feel better and getting them out of the door quickly is not necessarily the best business model.

Perhaps you’ve watched the huge number of design and restoration programmes on TV and wish you could have your own project but can’t afford it. Think about retraining in one of the fields – especially one which people find difficult to get hold of.

The chance to be creative and follow ideas can increase a great deal in trance.  Feel the passion – you can think of so many possibilities and have your own Eureka moment. It can help you get over the fact you’re not going to make it as a famous film star or pop star by 30. But at least once in the rational mind can help you plan for the future instead of just going with the flow and hoping someone will just walk in and discover you.

By reducing the anxiety by hypnotherapy, your rational mind can be back in charge.

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