five million people at risk of diabetes

In a recent report by Public Health England (PHE) highlighted the figure of 5 million adults are now at risk from developing type 2 diabetes. Development of type 2 is closely linked to diet and obesity, and the NHS spends over £8bn per annum on treating the condition.

Diabetes UK are warning that if people don’t change their lifestyle then they could end up with complications such as blindness, amputations and early death.

Although the NHS are preparing to roll out a diet, weight loss and exercise programme, experience has shown that mental health can play a large part.

The number of clients I have seen for obesity has risen over the years, problems that arise can range from comfort eating when emotionally upset, being “too nice” to refuse pudding, cake or chocolate from friends, to having no motivation to plan food and exercise.

Every case has been different, so each client taken on will work on different areas of their problem – it’s not a one size fits all – there is no magic wand. Often it’s nothing to do with what they eat, but with portion control, planning and keeping the motivation. Diets in themselves are not actually doing us any good, so it’s all about adopting a lifestyle that helps drop, then maintain a healthy weight.