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driving phobias

08/08/2016 pennyling 0

Back in 2001 I decided to tackle the driving phobia that I had developed back in the early 90s. The very last journey I made […]

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work on your strengths

31/05/2016 pennyling 0

Just as solution focused therapy focuses on what you want to happen instead of the problem, then working towards self-improvement shows working on strengths is […]

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sell by date

26/01/2016 pennyling 0

Have your thoughts reached their sell by date? It’s funny when talking to clients you start to develop metaphors for certain problems. Often with mild […]

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alcohol free January

05/01/2016 pennyling 0

In the news recently, alcohol concern has been urging people to give up alcohol throughout January. The campaign “Dry January” hopes to raise awareness of […]

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Choosing a Hypnotherapist

14/10/2015 pennyling 0

What should I look for when choosing a therapist? Around one in five people in the UK have used some form of complementary therapy or […]