Over the years I have given to charities which are close to my heart and reflect my values. In my teens I supported Friends of the Earth, Green Peace and Save the Whale. These days I give a proportion of my income to a variety of local and national charities, as well as my time and expertise.

Coming up this year – 2022 – I am supporting Homeless Oxfordshire with their golf tournament.

Charities I have raised money for in the past include:

Novemebr 2021Oak and Furrows – RSPCA run animal rescue near Swindon – £160 raised.

June 2021 – Arthritis Action – £105 raised. Members of my family suffered with Arthritis and it was was their suffering that peaked my interest in Herbal medicine, hypnotherapy and nutrition.

June 2021 – British Heart Foundation – £30 raised.

February 2020Park Lane Stables – Riding for the disabled. Their appeal on TV really spurred me to make a contribution because it was the heart of the community.

September 2019 – Alzheimers Society – £335 raised. Alzheimers and Dementia are a terrible diseases and have affected my own family as well as many of my clients. Supporting carers can be a long drawn out affair as the dementia becomes worse. Coming to terms with the slow decline is essential. We often are doing our greiving process whilst the person is still alive.

September 2018Scleroderma and Reynaulds UK – £30 raised. These are auto immune diseases which can have terrible consequences on a person’s health and can cut life short. Because I have members of my own family who’s GP completely missed the diagnosis, I know how crucial it is to get diagnosis early.

Other Charities included are:

Cricket charityBoxing Day Tsunami Appeal
Nailsea Cricket Team
Cat’s Protection League