On-line hypnotherapy

Online hypnotherapy - relax from the comfort of your own bed***FREE CONSULTATION during COVID-19 LOCKDOWN***

Forget about the stress of fighting your way through traffic and find a parking place. Then spend an hour relaxing or dealing with difficult situations and battling through traffic again. Why not choose On-line Hypnotherapy?

Using a direct connection to the internet in the privacy of your own surroundings, you can achieve the benefit of face to face Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy.

I have been performing on-line hypnotherapy for many years successfully, helping those in remote places like the Outer Hebrides, or those living in expensive and busy cities such as London.

There are a few differences, so let me explain what to expect if working on-line.

Initial contact

***During Covid-19 lockdown, I shall not be charging for the initial consultation***

You can still phone me, email or text me to arrange the initial consultation. I will then ask you the best day and time which will suit you best.

Please be aware that I may be seeing a client on-line or in the clinic, so I may not be able to answer the phone straight away. If I am not available I shall call you back or text you to arrange a suitable time.

Once we have booked the initial consultation, I shall email you the invitation in the morning of the link through Zoom, and the password. Please make sure you come online at the allotted time. I usually wait 10 minutes and send a text if  I don’t hear from you.

Sometimes people may have trouble with their internet connection. If that is the case, I ask clients to text me that they are having issues. If the problem cannot be resolved within 30 minutes, I then have to reschedule the meeting.

Along with the invite, I send my GDPR and Terms and Conditions through, please read these before our initial consultation. Details of payment will also be on this paperwork.

It is preferable you use your computer or laptop for the initial consultation as I may use diagrams, and they generally cannot be seen on a phone.

Online experience

Once you log on, you are taken to a virtual waiting room, where a bell alerts me to your presence. I then allow you into the meeting and lock the door. This security means that no one can monitor our conversation and we have complete privacy.

Please make sure you turn off any mobile devices, remove pets from the room and make sure any family members cannot interrupt during the time we spend together. 

If you cannot find the time and space at home, you may be able to find a suitable space at work, where you have absolute privacy.

Typical on-line Consultation

At the initial consultation, it is usual to go over the history of the problem, previous therapy and what you want to achieve. I also go over how the brain and hypnotherapy work. Once we have covered all the necessary points, if there is time, I may introduce you to trance by performing a short relaxing visualisation. If I feel using a tool such as mindfulness may be better at this stage, then I may teach some breathing exercises. It depends on the needs of each client. Once we have finished, we arrange the time and day best suited for the sessions and I can answer any questions you may have.

Sessions in comfort

From the comfort of your own bed
Hypnotherapy from the comfort and security of your own room.

Subsequent sessions follow similar lines, an invite is sent out in the morning with a link to the Zoom meeting. Payment is made before each session. If you prefer to pay upfront for a number of sessions, that will be paid after the initial consultation.  

The first 20 minutes is usually the solution-focused therapy. On occasions – usually at the first few sessions – I may teach some useful tools, such as NLP and mindfulness exercises. Then it will usually be followed by about 20 – 25 minutes of hypnotherapy. In the clinic I use music, but on-line this is not feasible, so if you still wish to have music accompanying, then please use your own choice of music as long as it’s relaxing and it’s played in such a way it will not drown my voice out.

Please make sure you have somewhere comfortable to lie down or relax. Although I do see clients in conference rooms at work on occasions, if you have to sit in a chair, please make sure you will not fall out of it, once trance has started.

What if we lose connection – will I stay in trance?

If the connection does fail, which I am glad to say has only happened once in the past 10 years, then all that will happen is you will either fall asleep or come directly out of the trance. If it’s a stop smoking session, then I will be in touch to repeat it free of charge. Any other, depending on where we lost connection, I may re-arrange at a different time of day.

I aim to make the experience a very calm, relaxing and positive one, so please get in touch. Email:solutionshypno@yahoo.co.uk or text to 07508 658934

Read more about me and my experience here.

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