Mentoring for therapists

mentoring for therapists
Empty diary?

Are you a therapist struggling to make a living?

If you are, then have you considered mentoring to help you?

As a therapist with over 11 years experience, supervision qualification and a background in IT and marketing, I can help you move from just a small handful of clients a week to many. Since 2010 I have helped many hypnotherapists take their first steps to go solo. I have held workshops for members of the FHT on how to use social media and build an effective website.

Have you been trying to go solo, but can’t make enough money?

My mentoring programme helps you:

  • Redesign your website where you’re in control.
  • Redesign your leaflets and promotional material.
  • Clarify your goals.
  • Focus on what’s right for your values and you.
  • Keep you motivated.
  • Help with any business questions.

So many people who train in any kind of therapy whether it’s hypnotherapy, massage, acupuncture or reiki do so because they want to give up their 9 to 5 existence and have a better life/ work balance.

Often the reality is that they can’t compete with an already flooded market and find it difficult to stand out. They then lose momentum and give up, usually within the first 3 years. An accountant once told me, all businesses lose money in the first year. They break even in the second year and it’s only in the third year they make a profit. I have started 3 businesses in my life and those words were so true.

What happens in the mentoring sessions?

An hour a week for the first 3 months will see you pull together a plan of action. By reporting back each week it allows you to build your self-confidence in what you’re doing will help. It helps self-actualisation, so you’re more motivated to move forward. I can look over any work you have done on marketing material and offer suggestions if needed.

By having a mentor to bounce ideas off, can save you wasting money down the line. By stating your intentions every week, you are making a commitment and focusing on your goals.

Supervision is great, but it’s really only focused on working with clients. Accessing marketing for therapists DVD’s and seminars is great but it’s a one-off. Mentoring helps build momentum and keep it going.

Call me to discuss this further or email solutionshypno<AT> (replacing the <AT> with an @ sign (This helps reduce the number of spambots accessing email addresses).

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