Supervision essential for any therapist
Supervision can make all the difference between failing as a therapist and becoming the best in your area

Hypnotherapy Supervision

Since qualifying, I have had regular supervision, and it has enabled me to learn, to build confidence and to overcome the isolation you quite often feel when you go from working in an office environment to working on one’s own in a clinic

Now as part of the government’s regulations on complementary health, the associations are being more vigorous on supervision and to be able to upgrade your status from registered to accredited for example you have to have a set number of hours.

It can be by emails, over the telephone and over Skype or Zoom. Group is helpful if you’re feeling isolated. But if you really want to get to the heart of a problem one to one is an advantage.

Solution-Focused Supervision (SFS) is about collaborating with and helping develop a supervisee’s talents, so it’s a model that can work well with other modalities.

we use:

  • Supervisee strengths
  • Scaling
  • Constructive feedback
  • Goal setting

I will also use each session to update supervisees on changes to our knowledge base, updates in understanding and techniques, and because of my background in marketing and advertising, I shall also be talking about how to market your business.

I have created an online course for students and newly qualified therapists run by Natural Touch Training.



I also accept email questions and log these and invoice as soon as I reach an hour.


I come from an advertising and marketing background and have run my own design company before now. For months where you may not need supervision for clients, you can benefit from hour long mentoring for hypnotherapists. This includes:

  • The best way to develop your marketing.
  • Blogs and subjects to choose
  • Career development and choosing the right CPD
  • Places to advertise
  • How to develop talks and workshops
  • Your online presence


Telephone or skype – £50/hour

If you have any queries you can call anytime and leave a message, or email with “supervision” or “mentoring”as the subject line, or text “supervision” with a landline number.

See Mentoring for Therapists page for more details

I have been having supervision from Penny for a few years now. She was very supportive of me when I first approached her. Initially I really needed help with my confidence as I was very much finding my feet in my new career. I have benefited from one-to-one online supervision and I also group supervision sessions. Both approaches provide different benefits. The one-to-one really allows me to discuss individual cases and areas that I want very specific help. In contrast the group supervision provides some of this but also lets me hear other therapists’ perspectives, business practices and some much-needed friendship. All of this really helps because, at times, the job can be quite isolating. As I was inquisitive and interested in becoming as competent and rounded as I could as a therapist Penny really encourage me to explore different ideas and courses that may be useful for me. This led me to decide to undertake significant additional training which has improved my competence and enjoyment of the work I do. I’m very grateful that Penny listened to my needs and advised accordingly. Not everyone will need the same thing as me, or indeed, will have come from the same training background but with Penny’s open and flexible approach it really doesn’t matter. I feel very much felt that she sees people as individuals and is interested in helping them become the best therapist they can be. AJ