Family Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy for children in Oxford, Abingdon and Bampton

Hypnotherapy for children in Oxford, Abingdon and Bampton
DBS checked and over 10 years experience with working with children between 10 – 16

With Family hypnotherapy, Children benefit immensely as they are already listening to stories and metaphors without judgement. Over the years I have been privileged to work with a variety of great kids from all walks of life, helping them with phobias, confidence, sports and bedwetting. They enjoy the solution-focused aspect of the work, as it doesn’t concentrate on the problem. They can use their imagination, curiosity and playfulness in coming up with solutions to their problems which can help them later in life.

If you feel your child would benefit from family hypnotherapy, I would need to see the parent first without the child. This helps the parent understand what will be involved in the process. Sometimes parents want me to change their child’s behaviour. The child would disagree and not acknowledge it’s a problem. In these cases, no therapy is going to make any difference, as it only works when the child wants to change and is willing to learn ways to make the changes. In some cases, the child may be using a condition as an excuse to avoid doing something. Resistance affects the success of the therapeutic intervention, consequently, a more radical approach has to be taken. For example, a child resistant to dealing with a needle phobia may be better going through a hospital system whereby they can use medication.

Finding the time

One of the largest stumbling blocks with working with children from clinics in Oxford, Abingdon or Bampton is finding a time to see me for Family Hypnotherapy. Majority of the children have many outside interests and finding time to fit therapy in, could well be part of the problem. I work mostly afternoon and evening because the majority of people cannot make time available during the day. I prefer to see children between 4pm and 6pm as any later they are too tired and find it difficult to concentrate.

Family Hypnotherapy for Children

Hypnotherapy can help focus attention and lower stress levels. It’s an excellent way to visualise yourself completing a sports manoeuvre, or focusing on exams. Building confidence when riding a horse, or changing sleep patterns and anxiety to reduce bed wetting. Kids love the stories and the exercises I give them.

Mindfulness for children and families

Mindfulness can be an excellent tool to teach parents and children, as they can do the exercises together at home. When children learn mindfulness they learn a tool for life that can help them stop worrying. Great for exam stress and performance stress.


Many people contact me because they are waiting for their child to go through a CAHMNS programme. This can be a great programme for certain problems. For issues around phobias and confidence building focusing on the problem will not make a great change.

I do not see any children younger than 9, but as a help to the family purse my child rates are £10 less than the adult rates – see fees and sessions for further details.